“Having a sedentary job in office work, I’ve always struggled to keep my weight down, and having seen friends and colleagues have quick successes, followed by even quicker failures following ‘famous’ diets, made the decision earlier this year to get some help from a nutritionist. Kevin’s company was listed in a Google search and I got in touch. Kevin’s been coming to see me once a week for 17 weeks, and in that time I’ve managed to rack up some very satisfactory results: total weight loss just shy of 25 lbs, my waist is 13 cm smaller, my hips are 11 cm smaller, my body fat has gone down 6.4%, and my BMI is down by 4 Kg/M2. These stats have required a 1500 Kcal max intake per day, which is surprisingly easy to keep to after the initial few weeks, and a lot of hard work in the gym and on my bicycle. Most of my success is because Kevin has retrained my thinking so that my eating habits and exercising are now part of my new lifestyle, rather than a diet and forced activity. We now plan our menus and shop accordingly, so there’s no food waste, and every meal is homemade and something to look forward to. Kevin has been very keen to impart his nutritional knowledge and learning, and even came to the gym with me at the start to show me how to use the equipment properly and get the most from my sessions, periodically setting me personal goals to keep me motivated. I can highly recommend Kevin’s knowledge and approach to weight loss to anyone who is serious about losing weight and, more importantly, keeping that weight off.”
Louise Ellis, East Huntspill, Somerset

"I found Kevin to be extremely helpful and experienced. Kevin started off by showing me an example healthy eating plan and from talking 1 on 1 we were able to work out a healthy eating plan which was easy to follow and enjoyable whilst it was getting me to my goals. I was given lots of recipes for healthy meals along with an exercise plan that was devised for me. I lost weight and I am now eating much healthier and losing more and more weight by each week. Kevin also came to the gym with me on some occasions where he showed me proper form on various different weight exercises. Kevin overall has influenced a huge change in my life where I am aware of portion sizes and thinking more about what I eat and to make healthier choices. I highly recommend Kevin to anyone who wants to lose weight and make a big difference in the way they eat."
Alex Cameron, Weston-super-Mare

“The nutrition report I received was very detailed and provided me with useful ideas that I can use to improve my diet. The report also contained details on how my current diet was harming my health and tips on swapping unhealthy snacks with healthier options. The new diet plan was simple to implement and realistic.”
Miss Winstanley, Rochdale

“I found the healthy eating plan, the nutritional analysis of my food diary and nutrition report to be very informative.”
Samantha Grove, Royston, Hertfordshire

“I was amazed how thorough and explicit the Nutritional analysis of my food diaries was. I got very detailed information and personalized advice, which was easy to follow. I didn’t feel judged rather I felt encouraged, and now I look forward to working on improving my diet with on-going help of Kevin. If you are ready to make a real change, I highly recommend you contact Kevin.”
Ksenija Grivska, Oxford

“I can say without any doubt that I can't remember my nutrition being as good as it is now. Since we started working on my food I can feel a massive improvement in my digestion. Less bloating and stomach cramps. Symptoms of my IBS reduced significantly. Apart from that my sugar cravings stopped, which is unbelievable, because just several months ago I could not imagine even a day without sugar. My energy levels evened up. I do not feel extremely tired in the evenings, and at the same time I find it easier to fall asleep. I am very happy with the work we have done.”
Ksenija Grivska, Oxford (After Five Online Consultations)

“Fab and useful site, feeling good about what I'm doing already.... Great Thank you”
Sally Griffiths, Bristol

“Kevin has been very helpful with regards to analysing our school menus. He has been able to show us areas in which we can improve, as well as indicating where we are meeting or exceeding government guidelines. This has been a very valuable under taking, as it allows us to show pupils, parents and staff that they are being provided with well-balanced, nutritious and varied meals at school. On each occasion we have used Kevin’s evaluation service, he has provided a very comprehensive report.”
Sarah Grace, HR Administrator, Fosse Way School, Radstock, Bath

"I found Kevin to be extremely helpful and knowledgeable. After the initial consultation Kevin drew up a healthy eating plan for me which was easy to follow and maintain and I was given lots of recipes for healthy meals. Along with the exercise plan that was devised for me, I lost weight and I am now eating much healthier and keeping the weight off. I am much more aware of portion sizes and thinking more about what I eat and to make healthier choices. Kevin also did a nutritional analysis for me which was fascinating and I really appreciate the work that Kevin put into this for me. I would not hesitate in recommending Kevin to friends or family."
Jenny Bailey, Weston-super-Mare

"All of it, the advice is awesome!!"
Simon Battams, Neath Port Talbot

"Thank you for the talk you delivered to our members. You got the balance of science, information and activities just right for the group. Our members were engaged and we all felt we’d learned something new. A very worthwhile session."
South Gloucestershire Deaf Association

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