Online Nutrition Advice

For those people who do not live within a reasonable distance of Weston-super-Mare, or if you prefer, I offer online nutrition advice. Simply click one of the two links below and complete the nutrition assessment questionnaire along with a three day food and drink diary. A Microsoft Word version of the questionnaire can also be downloaded if you prefer and once completed, you can email it to me. Online nutrition consultations can take place over the phone, email or via Skype.


Online version of the questionnaire

Printable version of the questionnaire

Once you have completed the questionnaire, select one of the four packages available. Payment can be made on this website via PayPal or by a cheque, made payable to Kevin Shore and sent to Mr Kevin Shore at the address below.

2 Langport Road,
North Somerset,
BS23 1YR

Package One (Individual Consultations, Healthy Eating Plan or Nutritional Evaluation £65)

An individual consultation can consist of the development of a two week healthy eating plan OR a full nutritional evaluation of your three day food and drink diary. The healthy eating plan will be tailored to your health needs depending on your responses to the questionnaire and include lots of meal ideas and recipes, information on standard portion sizes, calories, fat, carbohydrate, sugar and protein as well as in depth healthy eating advice. An exercise programme can also be developed and on-going email support is available.

If you opt for the nutritional evaluation, the nutrition report will contain the results of the full nutritional analysis using the nutritional software called Dietplan of your food and drink diary. The report will cover the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals and show whether you are meeting recommended DRV’s (Dietary Reference Values). Dietary Reference Values are the recommended intake per day for each nutrient, vitamin and mineral and have been set by the government. The report will then give examples of foods and drinks that contain these nutrients, vitamins and minerals, which could be included more in your diet to help you meet the DRV’s.

Package Two (Healthy Eating Plan and Nutrition Evaluation Report, £120, Saves £10)

If you select this package, you will receive a healthy eating plan AND a nutritional evaluation of your three day food and drink diary as explained above. An exercise programme can also be included with the healthy eating plan if you wish.

Package Three (A Block of Four Consultations, £200, Saves £60)

This package will include everything that is in package two above. Additionally, you can have your healthy eating plan updated and have another nutritional evaluation done of your new diet and compared with DRV’s to see how you have progressed in terms of the nutritional quality of your diet. Or, you can simply have an extra two telephone, email or Skype consultations.

Package Four (90 Day Weight Loss Package, £1000)

The 90 day weight loss package is designed for people who are very serious about losing weight and keeping it off permanently and this is reflected in the price. This package will begin with the development of a two week healthy eating plan and a full nutritional evaluation of your food and drink diary as described above. An exercise programme can also be developed. Sticking to the healthy eating plan and following all of the exercises on this package can lead to great results and a potential weight loss of 2 Ib per week, which is almost 2 stone over the 90 days. The aim of this package is to teach you the healthy eating and healthy lifestyle habits that need to be maintained in order to help you keep the weight off for good.

You can expect to achieve on this package a controlled weight loss that is sustainable in the long term as well as improved energy levels, fitness, endurance, muscle tone and body shape. The healthy eating plan and exercise programme can be updated continuously throughout the 90 days and unlimited email support and information is also available as well as a total of 26 consultations.

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