Nutrition Consultations


As part of my service, I offer one to one nutrition consultations to people that live within a reasonable distance of sunny Weston-super-Mare. I mainly offer home visits at your convenience but can be available for consultations at The Hive Business Centre in Weston-super-Mare.

The Hive,
6 Beaufighter Road,
North Somerset,
BS24 8EE

Consultation Duration:

Face to face consultations can last for up to 90 minutes. Before providing you with the best possible tailored nutritional advice, it is important to take the time to get to know you and obtain a deep understanding of your current eating and lifestyle habits before producing a healthy eating plan and/or an exercise programme for you.

Standard Consultations:

The nutrition consultation process involves initially assessing your health needs. You can be weighed using medically approved Marsden electronic weighing scales, which can also work out Body Mass Index (BMI). I can also assess your body fat percentage using a medically validated Omron body fat monitor and see whether your body fat percentage is within a healthy range. You can decide whether to opt for the development of a tailored healthy eating plan OR have a nutritional evaluation carried out of your food and drink diary. The healthy eating plan will include lots of meal ideas and recipes, information on standard portion sizes and information on calories, fat, carbohydrate, sugar and protein as well as in depth healthy eating advice. You can also choose at no extra cost to have an exercise programme developed.

If you opt for the nutritional evaluation, the nutrition report will contain the results of the full nutritional analysis using the nutritional software called Dietplan of your food and drink diary. The report will cover the essential macro nutrients, vitamins and minerals and show whether you are meeting RNI’s (Reference Nutrient Intakes). These are also known as DRV’s (Dietary Reference Values), which are the recommended intake per day for each nutrient, vitamin and mineral and have been set by the government. The report will then give examples of foods and drinks that contain these nutrients, vitamins and minerals, which could be included more in your diet to help you meet these specific recommendations, which are related to age and gender.

If you wish, you can decide to opt for having both a healthy eating plan and a full nutritional evaluation carried out of your food and drink diary. When opting for both, I would suggest that on-going nutrition advice would be more beneficial and you could think about opting for a block of four consultations for only £200. In terms of the nutritional analysis, it can be used very effectively on an on-going basis to gradually improve the nutritional quality of your diet as each report will provide you with the results of the nutritional analysis and the report will provide suggestions on the types of foods and drinks you need to include to meet all the DRV’s for the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

90 Day Weight Loss Package:

The 90 day weight loss package can include everything that was described in the standard consultations section and is for people who are extremely serious about losing weight and keeping it off for good. Maybe you have tried a number of different diets in the past and have now realised that healthy eating and regular exercise are the way forward. The package will include two weekly nutrition related consultations and weigh-ins as well as weekly lifestyle, gym sessions/workout style consultations or help with cooking and food shopping for example. This package includes the development of a tailored healthy eating plan and exercise programme and you can also choose to have nutrition evaluations carried out of a food and drink diary.

On this package, you can expect to lose 2 Ib per week when strictly following the healthy eating plan and the exercise programme. This would amount to a total weight loss of 26 Ibs, which is almost 2 stone. The programme will be very hard work but will be worth it considering the potential health benefits, including a controlled weight loss that is sustainable in the long term, reduced blood pressure and cholesterol, better energy levels, improved muscle tone and body shape.


Appointment Bookings:

For further information or to book an appointment, please e-mail or call me.

Mobile: 07599 432793

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